Insurance, Leasing and Warranties

GT Motive holds a close relationship with Insurance, Leasing and Warranty companies. We leverage the experience gained over more than 40 years in repair shops. Contributing value to the company, helping the business and applying knowledge, experience and innovation.

We listen actively, provide cost control and strategic consultancy and adapt to the demands of the current market.

Currently, GT Motive Estimate is used by 70 companies and 5.000 experts.

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GT Motive is a partner of excellence for professionals seeking a combination of precision, competitiveness and technological innovation.

GT Motive products provide clients with all the necessary information in relation to references, prices and labour times with a simple, expert operation. A fast, effective estimation system in a complete tool that includes data on bodywork, mechanical parts and repairs.

GT Motive’s clients include more than 12.500 garages, 5.000 claim adjusters, 70 insurance companies and several long-term leasing companies.

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Dealers and Repair shops

GT Motive is a partner of excellence for dealerships and repair shops.

The basic information is provided by the vehicle manufacturers, which after being analysed and compiled in our information centres, allows us to develop the solutions and services that are best adapted to your needs.

GT Motive assists its clients through specific training and support services, such as online assistance.

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