GT Motive participates at GAIF 2018 in Tunisia

Pepe Castelo GAIF 2018 Tunisia

During The 32nd General Conference of the General Union of Arab Insurers (GAIF), co-organized with the Tunisian Federation of Insurance Companies (FTUSA), in June 2018, some conferences were given by expert businesses on the theme "Digital Transition in the Arab Insurance Industry".


One in five Brits decide to switch cars on account of boredom

Reasons to decide to switch cars

A new study shows that boredom is one of the main reasons people acquire a new car in the UK.


This is the Automotive Future according to the new IHS Markit Study

This is the Automotive Future according to the new IHS Markit Study

IHS Markit has carried out a new study which shows that the new era of mobility – selling miles travelled instead of cars – will result in the greatest transformation since the dawn of the automotive age.


Amazon plans its entry into the UK insurance sector

Amazon plans its entry into the insurance sector

The internet giant continues to expand its offer of products and services, one of their objectives being the commercialisation of insurance and vehicles.


Cooperation of a significant strategy between interasco AEGA and VDFM Ltd

VDFM Ltd, as the official agent of GT Motive in Greece, entered into a partnership with one of the best and fastest growing insurance companies in the Greek country, INTERASCO AEGA, after a three-month fair competition conducted in technical and financial terms in June.


GT Motive Estimate: the most globally advanced technical information solution in Europe

User of GT Motive Estimate

GT Motive keeps committed to its database as a guarantee of success.

The database with  prices and references is already being used in 22 countries in Europe and South Africa and provides AZT scale to suit the specifications of other markets.


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