One in five Brits decide to switch cars on account of boredom

Reasons to decide to switch cars

A new study shows that boredom is one of the main reasons people acquire a new car in the UK.

UK Carline carried out a survey of 1,000 drivers who lease or own a car in the UK, looking at the frequency Brits renew their cars, as well as the reasons for getting rid of their old ones. The research found that 20% of UK residents take the decision of buying a new car because they are bored of their old one.

According to the survey, finances are also a major factor when it comes to deciding on a new vehicle, with 43% of those surveyed acquiring a new car as a result of sky high repair bills.

Looking good on the road is also at the forefront of many Brits’ minds since 21% stated they renew their car so as to drive de latest models.

In general terms, the top five reasons for switching cars are, according to the study:

1. Previous vehicles costing too much in repairs (43%).

2. Previous vehicles costing too much to run (24%).

3. Wanting to drive the latest models (21%).

4. Boredom over previous vehicles (20%).

5. Wanting to keep up with the latest technology/features (14%).




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