GT Motive fortifies its global constituency as a guarantee of the success of its project

An event where over 40 managers and directors from the company where in attendance and focused on the value of cultural diversity was the occasion in which the Lease Plan Company was given the opportunity to explain why it has chosen GT Motive as its main provider in the European market, Fons Trompenaars, a consultant from KPMG, gave a seminar about cultural diversity and leadership and Mitchell International shared its experience in innovation and sales in the North American market.


German car sales bounce back in July

New-car sales in Germany bounced back in July, suggesting further improvement in second-half demand in Europe's largest auto market.


France, Spain and Italy extend car sales recovery in June

French, Spanish and Italian car sales rose in June, industry data showed on Tuesday, helped by extra incentives and demand for new models as Europe's vehicle sector steadily recovers from a six-year slump.


GT Motive Estimate embraces innovation by including the information on the i3 —the first electric vehicle from BMW

The technical information related to the BMW i3 model will be available in the database across Europe, with references, labour times and prices.


GT Motive at Automotive Dealer Day 2014 in Verona (Italy)

GT Motive took the opportunity to present its solution for the estimation of claims, mechanical breakdowns and maintenance, GT Motive Estimate, to the Italian market.


"The automotive sector improves its outlook though not without risks"

Juan Ramón García, BBVA Research Economist, was at the recent Automobile Insurance Conference of the ICEA, which was sponsored by GT Motive, explaining the keys and prospects of the automotive industry in 2014.


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