Amazon plans its entry into the UK insurance sector

Amazon plans its entry into the insurance sector

The internet giant continues to expand its offer of products and services, one of their objectives being the commercialisation of insurance and vehicles.


Cooperation of a significant strategy between interasco AEGA and VDFM Ltd

VDFM Ltd, as the official agent of GT Motive in Greece, entered into a partnership with one of the best and fastest growing insurance companies in the Greek country, INTERASCO AEGA, after a three-month fair competition conducted in technical and financial terms in June.


GT Motive Estimate: the most globally advanced technical information solution in Europe

User of GT Motive Estimate

GT Motive keeps committed to its database as a guarantee of success.

The database with  prices and references is already being used in 22 countries in Europe and South Africa and provides AZT scale to suit the specifications of other markets.


GT Motive arrives in UK with its innovative claims management solutions


Screens GT Motive solutions

After several years of planning, due diligence, high level discussion with insurers and a pilot with repairers, GT Motive in partnership with Mitchell International is coming to the UK.

The meeting of Heather Grant, Auto Body Professional with managers and fellow directors of GT Motive and Mitchell  was occasion to discuss the ambitious plans to bring their estimating and claims management solutions to the UK.


GT Motive fortifies its global constituency as a guarantee of the success of its project

An event where over 40 managers and directors from the company where in attendance and focused on the value of cultural diversity was the occasion in which the Lease Plan Company was given the opportunity to explain why it has chosen GT Motive as its main provider in the European market, Fons Trompenaars, a consultant from KPMG, gave a seminar about cultural diversity and leadership and Mitchell International shared its experience in innovation and sales in the North American market.


German car sales bounce back in July

New-car sales in Germany bounced back in July, suggesting further improvement in second-half demand in Europe's largest auto market.


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