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Collaborative solutions

The collaborative solutions of GT Motive can be used to:

Connect with the processor, assessor, body and repair shop, and with the customer.
Define specific workflows for all claim types.
Manage claims in the cloud.
Include smartphones, mobility and social networks to speed up the process and keep all parties involved in the claim proactively informed.

Claims management solutions in the cloud

Data Center

The recent technological change focuses around a new ITC infrastructure at the Data Center, located in Amsterdam (Netherlands), which is used by leading European financial institutions. The Data Center is capable of supporting the new family of cloud solutions, which includes     GT Motive Estimate and GT Motive Mitchell Work Center. The latter is an innovative collaborative communication platform that is revolutionising automotive claims management by improving average costs and customer satisfaction.

GT Motive Datacenter

In addition, GT Motive has entrusted BT with the architecture and implementation of the solution, including storage infrastructure, computing, networking, network security infrastructure, business software and databases (NetApp, IBM, HP, F5, CISCO, Microsoft and Oracle), and the professional implementation services.

Lean Methodology

Lean manufacturing is a working methodology that seeks to increase the efficiency of production processes by eliminating activities that do not add value, thereby generating tangible advantages for the end customer.
Lean manufacturing is a management model that focuses on the creation of flows to deliver maximum value to customers using the least possible resources, hence the use of the word "lean".

Board application of LEAN Methodology

One of the critical aspects of this methodology is that most of the costs are calculated at the product design stage. An engineer will often specify known, safe materials and processes at the expense of cheaper and more efficient ones. This approach reduces the project risks (i.e. the cost according to the engineer) but also has the effect of increasing financial risks and reducing profits. Good organisations compile checklists, which they go through before validating the product design.

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