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GT Motive’s solutions are a simple and innovative way of configuring management processes for the specific needs of individual customers.  
GT Motive can simplify and improve the exchange of information by using cloud computing collaborative platforms to connect the people involved in the process, generating efficiency, quality and savings.

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The company was born out of a strategic alliance between the European company GT Motive and America's Mitchell International, leader in the US market. The new company formed from this alliance is seeking to revolutionise the European market with its tried-and-tested communication platforms and claims management systems that currently lead the market in the US and are totally ground-breaking in Europe.

GT Motive’s solutions and services currently have 26,000 professional users and are present in more than 11,500 repair shops, 80 insurance companies, automotive leasing and aftermarket suppliers. Its team of 255 employees work in Spain, Portugal and France; the company also operates in more than 20 countries all over Europe and has a working experience of 45 years.

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Grupo Einsa (59%) and Mitchell International (41%).
Turnover: €12,6 million.
Employees: 255
5.1 million assessments
255,000 training hours per year
160,000 authorisation services.

Our history

Carlos Martínez Founder of GT MotiveJosé Carlos Martínez, a vehicle damage assessor, founded GT Motive in 1971, in La Coruña (Spain). His love of motor vehicles and thirst for knowledge motivated him to try and find the best way to address his day-to-day activity and obtain access to updated information to help him with his work.
His dream came true when that same year he launched a catalogue of vehicle parts and prices with exploded views, to popularise the information for the automotive aftermarket among all those involved, thereby creating a common language between them. The catalogue was titled Guía de Tasaciones (The Valuation Guide) and found a place in more than 28,000 workshops across Spain.

Manual of repair shops and repair times

After a period during which the guide was scanned to create an electronic version targeting different markets, the number of makes and models gradually increased until it eventually included all 36 makes and almost 900 current models.
In 2003, the Research and Development Centre opened its doors in La Coruña (Spain), which led to the creation of the international database the following year.

Screen of first GT Motive Estimate

That same year, GT Motive Estimate was launched. This sophisticated local damage assessment solution gave the company a springboard to enter the leasing and mechanical warranty market, with a noteworthy business in the insurance sector.
In 2007, the Paris office opened, followed in 2009 by the Lisbon office, which coincided with the launch of the new online version of GT Motive Estimate, the solution adopted for the company's international expansion.
Since 2009, the company has marketed communication platforms such as GT Global Motive for fleet managers and solutions such as GT Motive GO! for smaller workshops.

Screens software calculation of car repair cost

In 2011, the company began working on its expansion plan with a view to becoming a real alternative in Europe and ensuring its presence on five markets accounting for two-thirds of the entire European market.
In 2012, GT Motive signed a strategic alliance with America's Mitchell International, the US market leader. The new company is seeking to revolutionise the European market with its tried-and-tested communication platforms and claims management systems that currently lead the market in the US and are totally ground-breaking in Europe.

About Mitchell

Mitchell empowers its clients to achieve better outcomes by providing an unparalleled breadth of unprecedented technology, connectivity and information solutions for personal injury and damage claims addressed to the collision repair industries. Mitchell is uniquely able to simplify and accelerate the claims management and collision repair processes.

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As a leading provider of technology solutions for personal injury and damages claims, Mitchell processes over 70 million transactions annually for over 300 insurance companies/claims payers and over 30,000 collision repair shops across North America.

Founded in 1946, Mitchell is headquartered in San Diego, California, and has 2,000 employees, more than 700 of whom work in Product Technology. The company is primarily owned by the New York investment group KKR Group. Its annual investment in technology and innovation stands in excess of USD 102 million, contributing to a consistent growth that led in 2014 to a turnover of USD 412 million.

Mitchell International Headquarters

For more information about Mitchell, visit www.mitchell.com

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