GT Motive Estimate Version 4.16

Improvements and new features:
Funcional improvements of the application (interface).


Possibility of including depreciations associated to the parts included in an estimate (replace operation).

Depreciation will be entered as a percentage, being possible to do it from the selection of operations screen, or from the results screen (always editing the respective lines).

Add depreciations to a car piece replacement operation

Depreciation percentage in the calculation of a vehicle piece cost

In case that the estimate includes one or more parts with depreciations, those will not affect the total of the detail lines of the result. However, part descriptions will detail the depreciation percentage applied to the part.

Price with depreciation of a vehicle part

Summary sections of the results screen as well as the estimate report, will have a new field detailing the depreciations total, and the parts subtotal with depreciation. In case that one estimate includes parts with depreciation, those will be taken into account in the total amount of the estimate.

Summary with depreciations in vehicle parts

Summary with depreciations in car pieces

Functional improvements of the application (interface)

Screens of estimation tool for mechanical failure, maintenance operations and vehicle bodywork repair


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